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This face-to-face three day course for license renewal credit is meant to deepen your learning around blended and flipped classroom models.  This course looks at specific examples of blended learning and key components of teaching in such a manner.  Throughout all of the coursework, directions are available in an online platform. This is not about a specific Learning Management System (LMS) but instead about the pedagogical changes and tools needed to blend or flip your content.

Learning Goals or Targets

  • Participants will apply Bloom's Taxonomy to the use of blended or flipped classrooms

  • Participants will explore flipped learning opportunities and tools

  • Participants will understand the challenges and benefits of various blended learning models

  • Participants will explore creating and applying essential questions and connections beyond the school walls

  • Participants will learn to weave formative and summative assessments as well as adaptive learning that are well suited to blended and flipped learning environments

Day 1

Focusing on What is blended Learning and on the lower-levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Focusing on What is blended Learning and on the lower-levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Day 2

Focusing on the upper-levels of Bloom's Taxonomy & Inquiry-Based Learning

Day 3

Focusing on infusing proper assessments in the learning process


This content was adapted from the wonderful work that Keystone AEA has done on Blended Learning. Thanks to the work of Keystome Instructional Technologists Bev Berns, Jarod Borman and Melissa Wicklund